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Anonymous: What tea did you drink for the sloth challenge?? 

Sorry have no idea! I will try and find out. I live in a completely different country so haven’t even seen the episode! Also we are just a fansite - not Hamish and Andy. Sorry! Wish I knew either one of them! Or even to meet one of them would be cool :)

When in South America The Wingman chooses dance - Samba!

@andy_lee: Waking up after 8 hours of travel makes your sloth makeup look like you’ve been punch. Thanks for watching Gap Year! http://t.co/SR0AsOBItv

Ryan: wingman doesn’t need a wingman

Try and get this image out of your head!

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Please don’t be fooled by the scam guys. If you get the SMS please ignore it.

Pre-Order Gap Year South America NOW!!!! Ships on the 8th of August :) and there is 2 disks of awesomeness!!!!!!!


@hamishandandy: #SlothSwagger #GapYearSouthAmerica

@hamishandandy: Hamish in stealth mode. (Just ignore the kids behind, staring straight at him.) #GapYearSouthAmerica

@hamishandandy: “It’s leaked! …There’s a thousand poos in my eyes” - Hamish #SewerDiver #GapYearSouthAmerica http://t.co/x3udiEPFoG

@hamishandandy: You’re welcome Andy. #UltimateWingman #GapYearSouthAmerica http://t.co/vXp35j31R5