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So lucky and thankful for the last 7 years with these boys. Dream job. #ACRAs2014 (at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre)

Hamish and Andy will be hosts at Wharf4Ward! 

    We are officially in negotiations with SCA to perhaps do a breakfast slot next year
— Andy Lee on the Breakfast Show Rumors

Iphone 6 adverts featuring Hamish!!!!

Hamish and bret voicing the iphone 6 adverts

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@hsspeters: Some easy arvo #golf reading - From the airwaves to the fairways @andy_lee adorns the cover of @Golf_Vic Magazine

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So it looks like H&A are heading to mornings next year. I still want their drive show back!

Hamish and Andy at the ACRAs

Babes at the ACRA’s

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Andy brought his pet monkey into work today. He’s really big now, and looks so human! …But I guess that’s just because Andy dresses him in clothes. #Cute #RealMonkey


Hamish sometimes dresses us in meetings with tops he got on holiday. Andy sometimes gives us a photo of a famous Pat and puts it on our back for doing good work. I got Patti Newton on the back of that card today. Veeeery good bosses. 🐒🐒 (at Fox FM)

Hame being the best goddamn promo girl in the land for Zoë’s GO-TO skincare range

@andy_lee: You might remember Ham & I becoming dads for a week in 2007 with a listener’s kids. Well I bumped into them again.

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Seems sonny is loving his holiday (not so much swimming) …..oh and hamish too :)