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Best Bromance Ever.

@hamishandandy: Buying The People’s Island has to be the pinnacle of our radio careers! Meet your island at http://t.co/yoKlQqsIVU

Ultimate Wingwoman to Andy’s rescue?

@hamishandandy: I think Hamish enjoyed me being a koala piñata even more than the kids did! #GapYearSouthAmerica http://t.co/OYGzAFLTcn


Try and get this image out of your head!

A pic I posted last week. Just another casual reminder of what to expect tonight on Gap Year :)

zotheysay: This is my friend Hamisha. She’s a devil on the dancefloor and a wizz with winged eyeliner. Catch her tonight on #gapyearsouthamerica at 8:30 on Channel 9. 💃

josh_schmidt_: It wasn’t easy, but between filming we taught the monkeys of the Amazon rainforest to give little head and shoulder massage’s. (See the little guys on #gapyearsouthamerica tonight 8:30pm)

Hamish takes his wingman to the next level tonight on Gap Year South America. Everyone better be watching :)

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Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Zoë Foster-Blake. zoefoster hope today was amazing and filled with lots of love and laughter. We love ya Zoë!

Hamish, Richard Vanhoff and Andy.

THE first time Yeppoon’s Richard Vanhoff met Hamish Blake the comedy star gave him a big hug.

That meeting took place in the corridor of Rockhampton’s Hot FM studio on Wednesday, but of course it wasn’t the first time they’d ever spoken.

Richard has been a regular guest on the radio show hosted by Hamish and Andy ever since the local island and resort specialist agreed to help them acquire “The People’s Island”.

Hamish and Andy contacted Richard in January when they first decided to lease an island, and since then he has been appearing on-air with them every few weeks. Richard described Hamish and Andy as very-easy going, natural guys.

"Off-air, I found them to be the same as they are on-air," he said. "They’re very relaxing … as you see them is as they are."

Richard lived on Hamilton Island for 17 years.

Since moving to Yeppoon and getting involved in real estate, Richard has sold a number of islands, including Great Keppel Island, Pumpkin Island and Long Island.


Hamish and Andy; Always classy……. Even riding into the 2014 Logies on a forklift!

If you live in New Zealand in 10mins on tv3 the 2nd episode of Gap Year Asia will be on. Make sure you watch/rewatch! Episode 2 packed has catching Dragons, racing Mini Bikes, running on water, and more!

@hamishandandy: Had to shoot a little thing to say we’re at 8.30pm next week after The Block, but we’re too tall for green screen.

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Anonymous: What tea did you drink for the sloth challenge?? 

Sorry have no idea! I will try and find out. I live in a completely different country so haven’t even seen the episode! Also we are just a fansite - not Hamish and Andy. Sorry! Wish I knew either one of them! Or even to meet one of them would be cool :)